JULY Special Offer

Get your ad on Google™ in JULY with a new campaign and be seen by customers at the very moment that they're searching on Google™ for the things you offer. 

Give Google™ advertising a try with a professionally managed Google Ads campaign and save $200*

Choose a Google Ads™ Campaign Management Plan

Ad Spend

Campaign Management

Set Up

$1-$1500 p/m

$299 p/m

$399 now only $199*

Ideal for small business

$1501-$3000 p/m

$399 p/m

$499 now only $299*

Most popular plan

$3001-$5000 p/m

$499 p/m

$599 now only $399*

For bigger budgets

$5001-$10000 p/m



Perfect for medium sized business

Our usual recommendation for starting budgets with Google Ads™ ranges from $1000 to $10,000 per month. The final budget depends on your industry, what Google™ charges per click and how likely your business will succeed.

If your budget is more than $10,000 p/m please call our team 1300 884 181.

For a limited time only save $200 off the setup fee!

*Offer expires 31.07.24.


You missed out!

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All Google Ads™ Plans Include...

All Google Ads™ campaigns are managed by trained professionals who have had at least 10 years experience and include the following:

  • Unlimited keywords - no set limit and always updateable
  • Unlimited ad & keyword changes
  • Creation of text and display ads with high CTR (click through rates)
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Monitor your click and cost levels daily and adjust bids as necessary
  • Split-test multiple ads on the search and display networks
  • Ads show on Google™ maps, Google™ mobile, Google™ search and the GDN network
  • Develop and maintain a targeted remarketing campaign
  • Conversion tracking including Phone Calls
  • Phone Support and Email Support
  • Monthly emailed Google Ads™ Report showing number of site visitors, how they found your site etc

What's Your Committment? 

Commitment is 90 day trial then month to month.

You will be billed monthly as follows:
Month 1: Ad Spend + Campaign Management + Set Up
Month 2/ongoing: Ad Spend + Campaign Management

No lock in contracts
Our team are so confident we will get you the best results and high ROI, if you get new customers during the 90 day trial simply continue on a month to month renewable agreement with no locked in contracts.

Get Your Ad On Google™ Today

Be seen by local customers at the very moment that they're searching on Google™ for the things you offer.