Looking To Increase Your Clinic Revenue?

COULD your clinic easily fill another 5 appointments this week?

What about next week?...next month?

If your dental clinic is full or running almost to capacity...STOP reading now

Unfortunately we're only going to waste each others time.

However if your dental clinic could do with some EXTRA patients...read on and we'll show you how we've been working with dentists for over 10 years now to consistently deliver new patients month after month.

As you would probably be aware, a high percentage of your potential new patients are going to Google and searching for a dentist close to them or in their local area.

With our growing population and busy lives there is always someone new moving into your neighborhood and sooner or later they will look for a local dentist.

Or maybe they aren't happy with their current dentist and simply want to change. We work very hard to make sure they find YOUR dental clinic when they search online!



potential patient goes online #1

The potential patient goes online and does a search for a dentist in their local area and who do they find? Your clinic on the first page of Google and more importantly near or at the top of the page. 


top positions on Google #2

Our team gains top positions on Google Business Profile (A, B or C of Google Maps) and first page organic search results (not the ads). Sometimes we get lucky and the dentist gains two positions on the first page of Google on Maps and organic search.



This results in a massive increase in phone calls and new patient appointments to your dental clinic. More than enough to easily cover your marketing investment and gain a very high ROI. 

check out the 'A' position on google maps

Google Business Profile (maps)

The 'Holy Grail' of search is the 'A' position on Google maps.

Here's one of our dental clinic clients with a top organic search position in a major city on Google Business Profile (Maps).

What about these Google positions for an orthodontist we started working with?
orthodontist positions

I hope you noticed the right column above where the website jumped on average 99 positions to the top 3 positions over a 30 day period.


  • This effectively means the website was originally on Page 10 or beyond and crashed straight onto the first page of Google.

  • Keywords included lucrative 'Invisalign' and 'braces'.

we also track all your phone calls from google

57 phone calls

57 phone calls in 1 month. Do you think you may be able to convert some of those phone calls into new patients?


What's your current phone conversion rate? Work it out...at a measly 10% it's still 5.7 new patients in a month.


Some dentists say they convert 50-70% of incoming calls.


Especially if the phone calls are from prospective patients searching Google for a local dentist nearby.

ask yourself one question...do you want more patients?

If we sent you 4 new patients over the next 30 days do you have the capacity to book them in for an appointment?

What about 8 new patients? 

If you're still getting hardly any new patients from your website (eg 2-4 a month), here's some statistics for dental clinics on page one of Google. 

  1. 1
    Chatswood 10 new patients per week
  2. 2
    Newtown 4-5 new patients per week
  3. 3
    West Ryde denture clinic getting 10-20 phone calls a month from their website
  4. 4
    5-6 per week from Google in Crows Nest
  5. 5
    An endontist in Sydney getting 15 new patients per week from their website (converting 90-100% of phone calls into patients)
  6. 6
    A client in Adelaide gained 108 new patients in the first 12 months.
  7. 7
    An Albury clinic is getting a new patient phone call every second day.
  8. 8
    A clinic is booking 3-4 new patients a week in Wollongong.

In fact, we don't work with any dental clinics who receive less than 4 new patients per month in the city, suburbs or regional areas.

Here's a testimonial from one of our many happy dentists

  • After wasting time with another SEO company, our team took over management of his campaign and within 90 days took the website from nowhere on Page 5 to Page 1.
  • As stated this had the result of in his words a "huge influx of patients" to the dental clinic.

How many new patients are you getting a month from your website?

If you could do with another 4-8 new patients a month, don't hesitate. ACT NOW.