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Obviously Right? C'mon That's Why You're Here Right?

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...a couple driving past your property, looking for somewhere to stay for the night. 

However when they stop, they're faced with an aged building, dirty and with visible cobwebs. 

Weeds growing on the side of the driveway.

Hesitantly they take a quick look through the glass window of reception.

Carpet looks old and the restaurant menu stuck on the glass with cellotape looks dated and printed from a decade ago.

Back in their car they drive on seeking a modern, clean property to stay the night at. 

Somewhere that the owners look like they take pride in what they do.

The Problem:

This is what it's like selling your empty rooms online.

A Google search for accommodation in your town.

Click on 3 different sites. Make a decision. Call.

What are they basing their decison to call you on?

Your website.

As shallow as it may sound, people DO judge a book by it's cover.

The solution:

Number one is simply look your best.

Your website is the first thing potential guests see when searching online for somewhere to stay in your town.

Take it seriously.

Having a modern, professionally designed website that looks good on all devices WILL increase conversion rates (how many people call you compared to those that don't). 

Your accommodation website needs to be redesigned and updated if any of the following are true:

  • Your website is over three (3) years old
  • Your website delivers low numbers of bookings every month
  • You don't know how many people searching for somewhere to stay in your area are landing on your website
  • you don't have the ability to edit essential info yourself (like tariffs) and have to wait a few days or more for your web designer to get around to it
  • Your paying over $249 a year to your web designer for web hosting
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For over 10 years we've been designing leading edge hotel websites for local hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts which on average deliver 4-12 new bookings per month. Some do much more. 

Potential guests go to Google and search for a local place to stay

In fact every month thousands of Australians Google for somewhere to stay in your town. The leading accommodation websites rely on Google to generate new bookings and fill empty rooms!

google search motel

If someone's heard about your property already, they Google your name and check your place out via your website before booking. People do judge a book by it's cover and the first thing they're doing is checking out your hotel, motel or bed and breakfast online.

google name search

Our hotel website designs showcase what makes your hotel special and can include the following:

  • Online Booking Forms direct or integrated with 3rd party agents
  • Downloadable Menus and Restaurant information
  • Google Maps integration with directions
  • A branded email address for each owner, staff member or area eg
  • Opening hours and Check In Check Out times
  • Tariffs, Rates and Terms and Conditions
  • List of Hotel amenities and features
  • Photo Gallery which can be easily added to or edited
  • Local attractions and tours

Look good on desktop and mobile

responsive websites

Easily edit and update website pages yourself with the worlds' best content management system (CMS)

So easy to use it's like Microsoft Word after a couple of times. Also your website comes with over 50 online video tutorials showing you how to add, edit and remove pages. Simply login with a username and password and start editing your pages at any time of the day or night.

wordpress cms

SEO friendly design (15 years experience) plus powerful built in SEO features where you can edit and view what your page listing on Google will look like and even get a basic optimisation score

cms seo features

Integrate Social plugins so visitors can follow your business and 'Like' your page content


Seamlessly integrate 3rd party booking channels (eg Booking Button, etc) allowing site visitors to check availability and easily book online

3rd party booking agents

Display Your Trip Advisor Awards and Reviews


Stay up to date with Analytics

Easily monitor performance indicators including phone calls and online booking enquiries.

customer actions

Travel Industry Experience
We've been designing hotel websites since 2003 and know what works

Design Excellence

lovedale lodge design example
telegraph hotel example
Best Western Great Ocean Road

So, what about tangible results?

The bottom-line return on investment is what is most compelling


  • Bookings are up from last year due to better web conversion and continue to climb
  • The number of calls and driving directions increase monthly
  • Increase in the amount of times your website is shown in search due to Google rewarding your fresh new website
  • More clicks from local search and maps means fewer empty rooms


  • Sorry most of our websites take 14-28 days until ready to go online
  • To make it work you probably will need to supply your logo and some photos of your property
  • We will want a 50% deposit as security before we will start work
  • If your website breaks or goes down for whatever reason we'll fix it


We've been delivering leading Australian travel websites for over 10 years. Trust us to design a new hotel website for your business that'll definitely have that 'WOW' factor.
We'll market your website online showcasing what makes your hotel special.

Account Support

Our team members will look after your website all the way and have expert knowledge in travel industry marketing and can advise you on best practices, troubleshooting actions and other steps that your accommodation business can take to improve your current online marketing. 

We develop long-term relationships with our clients. Rest assured we're with you for the long haul.

Let's face it...

“Your travel website could be the most influential part of the online booking process. You'll get a call if your potential guest likes your website!”

We design AWESOME websites designed to increase bookings

We've been delivering leading Australian travel websites for over 10 years

Trust us to design a new hotel website for your business that'll definitely have that 'WOW' factor.

Ready to increase direct bookings from your website?